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Joeds Lutong Hapon Cebu

Carenderia is a popular Filipino term for a store of cooked food. It is usually situated near the street in which it is visible to the passers by. It contains tables and chairs similar to a fast food chain, only much cheaper and less formal than the usual food stand.

So what happens when you combine japanese food into a carenderia? the result is a much more cheaper priced japanese cuisine in a carenderia environment and that is the Jo-Eds restaurant is all about. Situated in front of a school (Sacred Heart School).

Founded by the “Edgar” and “Joan” shop. “JoEd” is the name of the store was a combination of the name of the married couple. The taste of Japanese cuisine by Edgar  who worked in Japan, “Tokyo Prince Hotel” for more than 20 years. After returning home, got married and opened a “Japanese Carenderia” taking advantage of the experience in Japan. Dining room is the meaning of the masses of wind Philippines “(Karinderia) Carenderia”.


Joeds Lutong Hapon CebuThe place is easy to spot, you can immediately recognize by the sign board outside.

The place is neat for a carenderia setting. You can see plastic tables and chairs, but there are also wooden tables and chairs near the counter.


The ambiance is good, it is not really warm even if it is not an air-conditioned place, great ventilation .Joeds Lutong Hapon Cebu


You can see different japanese wallpapers and paintings which is just right for the theme.

Their menu is simple and you can immediately recognized their cuisine.They also have another stall for desserts (never tried it though), they serve ice cuisines (halo-halo?), fruit shakes, etc. The counter setup is similar to those mini Japanese stalls found in the street where you can order the food right away and serve upfront. (I didn’t see anyone eating near it :/ )

Joeds Lutong Hapon Cebu


And here is our order, Bentomix for 150 Php and sukiyaki 75 php (prices are subject to change prior without prior notice)

Joeds Lutong Hapon Cebu

Overall , the food is great for the carenderia setting and it is very affordable for those who want to experience Japanese food goodness. A must try for Japanese cuisine lovers out there.


Name: JoEd’s Lutong Hapon: Japanese Karinderia
Address: Don Jose Avila St., (Next to the Sacred Heart School) Capitol Site, Cebu City
Phone number: 09157012027 | 032-412-8343
Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 1 am

Joed's Lutong Hapon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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