iTea Cebu (Closed)

  • Newly open coffee shop here in Cebu IT Park, iTea Milk tea. Looking at the place it is not that difficult to find because it is near the entrance of Skyrise 1 IT Park. It is also beside another coffee shop. The shop looks interesting enough because of their bright lighting so we give it a shot.

    They have variety of choices, though not that much but it is enough for a regular coffee/tea drinker. As a favorite, I choose one of their milk teas, the “Hazel Nut” milk tea, not much reason really :D, Good thing is that they offer hot Milk Teas which is not offered in some Milk Tea shops.

    Bubbly, really, bubbly, alive, colorful… I don’t know if that is a good thing for customers. The place is filled with colors and drawings. If you want a happy lively ambiance then this is your place. Mainly good for younger generation coffee drinkers. Wish they have the sofa like chairs which you can just lean your back. It is more of an interaction type of environment, not really the best if you are alone looking for a quite and serene environment.

    Taste and Presentation:

    Straight verdict? Sweet, not really to sweet but the sweetness covers the tea part of the drink, I mean the taste is great with the flavors present in it. I choose moderate sweetness level but I cannot almost taste the tea which is the downside. Presentation is good, glasses are those short wide type (see pics)

    Another good milk tea shop, enough to satisfy your taste buds after a busy day or just want to chill with your friends and officemates. Also good for study groups because of the bright lighting. Milk Tea taste good, another good try.

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