Montebello Villa Hotel El Jardin Cebu

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    Montebello Villa Hotel El Jardin Cebu

    One of the popular places here in Cebu for wedding reception is the Montebello Villa Hotel, the only garden hotel in the heart of the city, which reflects Cebu’s Hispanic heritage across its vast landscape. With the great garden environment, it is perfect for wedding prenup photoshoots and wedding events, not to mention their delicious food.

    It has two popular eating spots namely, Café Bougainville, which offers a la carte tapas, sandwiches, assorted pastries and good selections of wine available 24 hours a day; and El Jardin, the hotel’s al fresco restaurant located by the pool, offering a fusion of cuisines from all over the world.

    President and general manager Gregorio Cancio Jr. was excited to introduce the hotel’s new menu with various choices of Filipino dishes, Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. For people who are into spicy dishes, Montebello’s Bicol Express is on top of its class, with just the right degree of spiciness mixed with the right amount of coconut milk. That interplay of creaminess and bite of the siling labuyo blends appetizingly with string beans, onions and some pork for a very special Cebuano harmony.

    Montebello’s Bicol Express is a creation of a wizard in Filipino and Spanish cuisines, Food & Beverage Manager and ExecutiveChef Jose Miguel Lozano, Chef Miguel emphasizes that striking the perfect balance of the flavors from each ingredient is absolutely key a good Bicol Express. Ever wonder why it’s called Bicol Express? Chef Miguel knows.  He says the name was derived from a restaurant that served the spicy dish located near the train tracks traveling from Bicol to Manila, hence the name “Bicol Express.”


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    Unilever Food Solutions (UFS)’ Sooo Pinoy Campaign aims to help Pinoys discover the diversity of Filipino cuisine and better understand our country’s rich culinary heritage. In a recent leg of the Sooo Pinoy nationwide food tour, not only did we see Cebu’s colorful history, we also took our palates on a gastronomic expedition around the oldest city in the country.

    Go on a culinary journey by joining the Sooo Pinoy campaign! For more information on Filipino cuisine and the advocacy, visit the Sooo Pinoy Facebook page at or follow @SoooPinoy on Twitter.

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