Moon Leaf Tea Cebu Milktea Shop Goodness (Closed)

  • This is one of the numerous Coffee Shops here in Cebu I have been waiting to try. Seeing a lot posts and its popularity in Manila. I really have high expectations of it at long last their are opening their first branch here in Cebu. Trying their milk tea at the opening day is the least I can do to immediately have the first look/taste.

    Moon Leaf Tea Cebu Milktea Menu:

    They have a great variety of drinks, not that many but it’s alright as to not confused customers with so much choices :). There are also new drink flavors which I haven’t tried on.  Nevertheless, seeing the limited edition drinks made me decide my choice.

    Moon Leaf Tea Cebu Milktea

    Taste and Presentation:

    What I have noticed first is their serving size which is bigger compared to other coffee shops for the same price. Taste is really great, the sweetness blend is just right (even though I didn’t specify my preference). The only thing is that their toppings are not included in their basic drinks, meaning you pay for additional add on.

    The environment is just right, clean and spacious. I saw some chairs and tables outside, not sure if it is theirs. Location is also along the street and near the school (University of San Carlos Main) which is perfect for students who likes (can afford) milk tea goodness.  Students can just chill out and even do their studies and reading stuff. And the they have FREE Wifi which is perfect for students for studying and researching.

    Overall , they really meet the expectations with the popularity of Milk Tea shops here in Cebu, and this will further promote milk tea drink which is already popular and continually growing. I recommend this to everyone for those who are near in the downtown area. 🙂


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