Cobo Awesome Possibiliteas Cebu Milktea

Another Milk Tea store in Cebu is the Cobo Milk Tea, though there are still new, they already have 4 branches here in Cebu. Though they are popular in the Luzon Area, that doesn’t stop really their expansion event with the number of Milk Teas here.

Cobo Awesome Possibiliteas Cebu

Though their branch location mostly are in most, their prices are not really that expensive, ranging from 80 – 100 pesos ,you can already enjoy their Milk Tea goodness.

Cobo Awesome Possibiliteas Cebu

The space is just enough about 4 – 5 tables, enough for movie goers having a little drink or just take out to the cinema. Environment is colorful and alive which will further enhance your appetite (as psychology stated) 😀

Cobo Awesome Possibiliteas Cebu

The taste of the drink is really what is stated in the Menu, the Royalle flavor for example has similar taste to the actual Royal Milk Tea pack. Their toppings is also unique, the usual toppings is the ‘sago’ pearls but in our drink, there is this gummy worms type of sago which is kinda new to me and the texture is just the right blend with our drink.

Cobo Awesome Possibiliteas Cebu

Cobo Awesome Possibiliteas Cebu

Cobo Awesome Possibiliteas Cebu

Overall, the drink is good, really, I mean for a mall type of milk tea outlet, they were able to maintain the usual Milk tea price without sacrificing the quantity and quality of the drink which is really a big plus for me.
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