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Today, there are many tea shops here in Cebu. The fact that this industry is still growing, most of these coffee shops originated either in US or Europe. One particular coffee shop or tea house is not part of these countries. In fact it is one of the few tea house of its origins. The Firozian Indian Tea house.

From the name itself, yes it is an Indian Coffee shop located near Cebu Doctors Hospital (Capitol). You can recoginzed with its display banner and it is bside Sinangag Station.

The place itself is a unique setting for anyone who is new to Indian or Mediterranean settings. When you enter, you can immediately see the Persian or Indian settings style of seats, there are like those in the Arabian movies where you can just squat over with the soft mini furniture and pillows, the curtain is also customized to set the Indian overall theme. It is like you are in a different place and culture.

Firozian Indian Tea House Cebu

Their menu is no really that many, but it is enough for those who want a foreign type of dishes. The price is also not expensive which is good for students and office works around the place.

Firozian Indian Tea House Cebu

Of course, I choose their specialty (I think, because it has the biggest name in the menu XD)

Samosa – A fried or bake pastry with a savory filling such as spices, potatoes, onions, peas , etc

The taste is obviously Indian/Persian because of its spiciness, though it really tasted good. I just wonder what is the etc in part in the ingredient (probably a secret ingredient).  They could have improve more about the quantity though (only two samosa per order).

Firozian Indian Tea House Cebu

Firozian Indian Tea House Cebu

They also offered us potato chips which is also tasty (hopefully not from any packed chips :D)

Firozian Indian Tea House Cebu

For the tea, we ordered their ginger tea. The first impression is the presentation of the drink which is great with the utensils and cups used.  Anyways, drinking the tea, you can immediately tell the ginger taste I mean the real ginger freshness and texture which is really good. It is prepared that you  can actually see the ginger in the drink itself.

Firozian Indian Tea House Cebu

They also offer sugar in case you want your drink to be extra sweet.

Firozian Indian Tea House Cebu

Firozian Indian Tea House Cebu

Firozian Indian Tea House Cebu

This is the actual place, looking at the Indian theme setting, it feels like you are royalty for a while while drinking your tea.:D

Firozian Indian Tea House Cebu

Firozian Indian Tea House Cebu

It was a great experience overall, the drink and the food is great, price is justifiable. Maybe they can improve on the quantity, maybe even more of what is given which is really optional if you want to fulfill your hunger. It is good if you want to try something new perhaps or you have tasted enough coffee located at malls etc.

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  1. my wife’s become an addict with these tea drinks… ma try daw ni beh.. hehe.. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog!

  3. FYI
    Firozian Indian Tea House is located at the back of Cebu Doctor’s Hospital (Capitol Site), not Cebu Doctor’s University in NRA 🙂

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