Maya Taqueria and Tequila Lounge Cebu Restaurant

Maya Taqueria 9

We were invited in an event in this restaurant located in Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City, Maya Taqueria and Tequila Lounge Cebu. I am not really expected to create a food review hence looking at the food itself, it is too good to be missed at this one. Though I didn’t get the chance to know the names of the food, the images will probably give you a hint on their dishes and I will do the talking ehem, the writing. 😀

This is a fish kaldereta style of cooking (I thought it was a sweet sour swish), the presentation is really good and the taste is just right. I can tell the high quality not only in the presentation itself but how it is prepared by numbers.

Maya Taqueria 6

The first appetizer in the table, the nachos, though seldom take this as a dessert or rather a snack infront of a television, ti is served here as a light snack whether it is for waiting for the show to start (which actually happened during the event). Hence it keeps our mouths busy, aside from talking.

Maya Taqueria 5

Then what is the nachos without the tacos,  if you are thinking what I’m thinking at this moment, yes , this a mexican food and the restaurant ifself is a Mexican one. The tacos are a bit spicy but it just right for me.

Maya Taqueria 3

I’m not sure if this is empanada but based from the presentation and the taste, I think it really is. Really scrumptious and tasty. I that was still the beginning of the main course XD.

Maya Taqueria and Tequila Lounge Cebu

The nacho filling, a bit spicy though.

Maya Taqueria and Tequila Lounge Cebu

Never actually tasted their salad but I loved how they presented it. Really turns up the apetitie

Maya Taqueria and Tequila Lounge Cebu

There main course chicken dish, lots of spices which I personally like, like how they put it above the banana leaf which connects a native taste , maybe a Mexican dish. (hope I had a clear menu for this.)

Maya Taqueria and Tequila Lounge Cebu

The last dish of the menu, grilled beef.  The banana leaf below and the spices adds more texture and taste to the dish itself. Really completes the full course of the meal.

Maya Taqueria and Tequila Lounge Cebu

Since I haven’t got information about the restaurant. All I can say is that it is a great place for events and they have a lounge in the lower floor. Perfect for social gatherings and launching events combined with the great food. This is the complete event package.

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