Ayer Lechon Cebu

Ayer Lechon Cebu belly

When you hear about anyone asking where is the best lechon located in the Philippines. Most people or most forums will tell you that Cebu is the best when it comes to lechon in terms of cooking, taste, texture and almost everything good you can hear. Even tourist or fellow Filipinos export or deliver lechon into different places even outside the country.

Ayer Lechon Cebu

A not so new Lechon resto here in Cebu ,which is popular for tourist because of their first location which is located in the airport. And now they are openning their new branch here in the heart of Cebu located in Salinas Drive, Lahug, in front of USP (University of Southern Philippines).

Ayer Lechon Cebu dinuguan

The place is a cozy one, not really that big, but enough to accomodate 5-15 customers inside and they also have tables outside. Maybe most of the customers ordered take out as what is common when buying lechon. The good thing is that they have parking spot beside the store which is convenient especially it is located along the road.

Ayer Lechon Cebu kimchi

I tasted first their spicy lechon belly which is getting popular here in Cebu. It was quite good really especially in the skin part which is very crispy, we even ask what is the secret for the crispiness of their lechon skin but just said that it is a trade secret.

Ayer Lechon Cebu

Though the spiciness is not really evenly spread especially in the fatty part, there are also hard to chew parts which I can say normal or just not evenly cooked or just plain unlucky part. The taste is ok though I can see in their lechon that they are putting few herbal and spices in the insides which can really help the taste more.

Ayer Lechon Cebu

Ayer Lechon Cebu

Aside from their lechon, as common practice to any business, they used all the parts of the pork that are not included in the lechon itself, its inner parts (intestines) are made into Bhopis, some are made into sisig, dinuguan and even paklay.

Not fond of eating pork insides and intestines, as I am focused in the lechon. Price is ok, you just have to add 300 pesos for the spicy lechon. Surprisingly the owner is not a Cebuano but a tagalog (Manila based) and all of his lechon branches are in Cebu but the cooks and way cooking is Cebuano which is a relief really.


The unique thing about the restaurant is that they also serve Korean food which is Kimchi, and said that it is best paired with lechon as proved by its Korean customers, the owner is also a fan of Korean food which is why it is included in their menu.


Overall, though, I have tasted a lot of lechon from different stores so all I can say is that it is good, maybe not that perfect but still a Cebuano style lechon which is still the best from other lechons out there.

You can also order online and know more about their branches here in Cebu through their website: http://ayerlechon.com/

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