Cebu Boy Lechon Take Out Pasaluboy for the Holidays (Closed)


Cebuboy Lechon

Another lechon establishment in Cebu is open to serve both locals and foreigners to one of the most popular food not only Cebu but in the world as well. The well known Cebu lechon which is searched by many people because of its delicious flavor and taste. The Cebuboy lechon tends to capture the true Cebu lechon taste and flavor which is already done by other Lechon restaurants around Cebu, this is a great addition to the growing consumers especially during holiday seaons where people line up to different food establishments especially lechon stalls which the dining table will not be complete without it.

The Cebu boy lechon is quite good though it is not the best in the industry in my opinion but still justify the Cebu lechon which is already a good addition and promotion to Cebuano lechon and products.

Cebuboy Lechon is a member of ¬†Northern Group Works Holdings (NGH). NGH operates through its highly diverse affiliate companies across a number of industries: BPO, KPO, healthcare, food service, and real estate development. Operating under NGH’s food arm, Holister Inc., Cebuboy Lechon is one of the newest addition to the Northern Group family. Although based in Cebu, Cebuboy Lechon not only caters to Cebu customers, but also accepts orders from Manila.

Cebuboy Lechon’s Pasaluboy

This holiday season, Cebuboy Lechon is launching the “Pasaluboy”, belly lechon in a box. The pasaluboy is a great centerpiece dish for every pinoy’s noche buena or media noche table this holiday season.

For your Orders:

Call/Text: 032 3163151 | 09224840123 | 09179455971

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