Olango Island Food (Olango My Getaway)

My first trip to Olango Island is not only an adventurous one but also stomach fulfilling as well. I was quite surprise on how cultivated their community is just within 20 minutes ride within the city, I can tell this by their food. The difference between a commercialized way of cooking and the traditional way or home cook style (sounds like gangnam style eh..lol)

Olango Island FoodSo I got the rare opportunity to taste their food during the food tour, we went to different barangays in Olango to taste each of their dishes , so we have to make some stops in every barangays to try them one by one.

Olango Island Food


First stop is the barangay Talima where they prepared a feast of meals for us, the Ogapu or commonly know in Cebu as the Lapulapu fish was served, the taste is very good with the right amount of spices and ingredients and you can tell that the fish is fresh from catch by its texture.

Olango Island Food


Next is we went to barangay Baring, I still remember this place where we dance in the disco XD, anyways, they served the puto balanghoy which we are fortunate to have a taste of it, but also see or told the process on how it was made, we got the chance to speak to a balanghoy maker for many years and the method they made the food is just amazing, using just a mere pot and a stone ledge in making the puto balanghoy manually.

Olango Island Food

Ogapu Fish (known as Lapulapu fish)

Olango Island Food

You will really appreciate not only the food but the whole process with it that makes it more interesting to indulge and psychologically enjoy the food more. Thinking how hard the process is done it makes it all worth it.

Olango Island Food

Olango Coconut used to make Buko Juice

Next we passed by to the floating restaurant (literally), too bad we haven’t got the chance to go to the place, though we saw it by the shore, I can tell it by its look that it is an interesting place to go.

Olango Island Food

Dish Made of Bat (kinilaw)

Now this is dish is an interesting wherein the ingredient is not your usual, a bat, though you cannot tell it in the finish product but it taste more like beef meat, only softer. I would really love to see the actual cooking process noh.

Olango Island Food

Fresh Fried Fish


Olango Island Food

Ogapu Dish

Overall, the food tour experience is very satisfying. Combined with the tour itself, the trip wouldn’t be complete without these delicious food coming from an island just minutes away from Mactan, Cebu. So if you want to have an adventure in an island combined with delicious food offerings then I recommend Olango Island.


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