Hotline Foodshoppe Cebu | Best Bam-i Pancit Bisaya (Closed)

In the past years, when it comes to food delivery or a take out, it were Chinese restaurants that specialized it and were dominating in the food industry or in business in general. But as time goes by, more and more Filipino based entrepreneurs particularly in Cebu are establishing their own food establishments and the best part of it is they used main Filipino recipe and ingredients to have a fine dining experience at a minimum cost. This new Filipino and Cebuano Restaurant offers all of these, the Hotline Foodshoppe

Hotline Foodshoppe Cebu

Lumpia Shanghai

As the description shows, they serve Filipino dishes and they cooked it in a manner that it will be as natural and healthy as much as possible (no vetsin) and still bring that fine dining experience flavor from other big restaurants and still affordable to anyone who wants to avail of it.

Hotline Foodshoppe Cebu

Chicken Curry

They serve this Pancit Bisaya, or commonly know here in Cebu as Bami-i and in my personal opinion is one of the best I have ever tasted, the taste and flavors blend harmoniously with the ingredients and their is this spice and herb flavor which adds to the aroma and texture that makes the Pancit bisaya more tastier to eat and does not get bland of some sort,Hotline Foodshoppe Cebu

Though the variety is not that many for now but the food they served is as closely to equally delicious as well, their chicken curry is also a good one in which when you taste it feels like you are eating at home, in short, a home cooked meal with the extra fine dining goodness.

Hotline Foodshoppe Cebu

The price range of their food is just affordable for those who want to order nearby without going into big restaurants in which they offer similar great food. And if you are not so near the place, you can contact them for delivery and they will deliver it to you in less than an hour and that is already freshly cooked and prepared per order.Hotline Foodshoppe Cebu

Overall, it was a great dining treat, though the place is a bit small for dine in which can still be improved as most people will come into the place itself specially if they like the food and come back for more and not will be contented with just food delivery. With this kind of food they serve with its great taste and flavors and if they can maintaing it, people definitely come back for more and they better accomodate them all in the future.

Hotline Foodshoppe
Contact: 09228356470

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