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Crocodile Sisig

Crocodile Sisig

One thing that I look for a restaurant other than its tasty food is the affordable price without sacrificing the quality ans services of the place. Though good food dining equates to price, it is still important to know that great food and dining must be expensive and expensive food equates to great food dining. However this is one of the few restaurant or restobars here in Cebu that offers quality food and service with affordable price plus the great interior concept, ambiance, and offers genuine Filipino food, the Manggahan Restaurant Bar and Grilling.

At first, the place looks very nice in the exterior part, just along the Wilson St. Apas, Lahug. The surrounding looks very clean within the vicinity with and you can see lots of plants and some trees which makes it a very good hangout place for office workers if you want to chill and just relax far from the busy downtown life.

“Manggahan”, in Cebuano a place where mango trees are planted. The Idea of the name was taken from the big Mango Tree at the back of the restaurant. The Old Mango tree becomes the higlight of the garden.

Another highlight of this restaurant is their Sugba (Yakiniku) way of cooking which is popular from various Japanese Yakinuku restaurant and also very Pinoy.

Each table is installed with a tabletop grill along with abuilt-in exhaust, giving customers the free hand to cook their own bbq to their preferences andgetting to eat freshly cooked items without leaving the place smelling like dinner.

This is the first restaurant I have seen a conventional table grill similar to the once you see on popular barbeque BBQ spots in the streets with its exhaust sucking up the smoke within the table (like a vacuum) instead of the exhaust install above the table.


Ok, lets get into the main event, their food, they have various dishes to choose from, if you want to really try their sugba food, you can order their grill items in which my opinion, the most affordable in any restaurant I have visited.

Here are some of their Grilled Items with prices

Tinae sa Manok barbeque – 6 pesos

Pork Barbeque – 6 pesos

Skinless Chorizo – 7 pesos

Grilled Chicken Skin – 7 pesos

Batikon sa Manok Barbeque –  9 pesos

The grilled items are served fresh and ready to be grilled (sugba), you can also request for sauce and marinade to add taste and flavor to it.

It is your way of cooking or grilling that will make the dining experience more fun and fulfilling, it is not everyday you get the chance to sugba/grill your food in front of your table and just munch it after it cooks.

This is also great for group of friends or barkada who wants to have a unique and different dining experience by preparing the food without getting bored by just waiting it to be served and just eat right away.  It is a good way to brag your sugba /grilling skills (if you have :D) in front of your friends/relatives/officemates or introduced it to somebody and even teach them to do the sugba style. 🙂




Fried Hito

Fried Hito

Aside from their grilled items, they also offer  exotic dishes such as hito prepared in an engaging variety,fried bakasi and sizzling crocodile sisig. Prices of each of these items are all below 200 pesos which is amazingly affordable.

Sizzling Pochero

Sizzling Pochero


Turon ni Tatang

Turon ni Tatang

Overall, had a great grilling/sugba experience, a great addition of food trip destinations especially when you are from the downtown area and just want a semi hidden hangout place (before it gets popular which is very possible), great place for office team bonding or even family gatherings. This restaurant definitely worth a try.


Name: Manggahan Bar and Grilling
Location: Wilson St., Lahug, Cebu City
Mobile +63 922 893 6123 ‎
– 0922 820 3971
Landline – 260 3300

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