Top Milk Tea Shops in Cebu

  • Top Milk Tea Shops in Cebu

    Since I have been to different milk tea shops here and almost visited them all during the fast growth of milk tea shops here in Cebu (maybe I missed some) but these Milk Tea shops stand out from the rest, so this is based from a personal perspective and round them up according to
    1 Taste
    2 Location
    3 Ambiance
    4 Presentation

    So without further adieu, here are my picks for the top Milk Teas in Cebu

    Top Milk Tea Shops in Cebu

    5. Cobo Milktea – Most of their branches are located in Malls, so it is very easy to spot them, they have also other branches outside Cebu, I included it in my list because of the convenience of location though their Milk Teas are not really that bad, it is more like a common taste and a quick savor of drink and more of an take out kind of beverage.

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    4. Chatime Cebu IT Park – This Milk tea shop just opened last quarter of 2012 , which is also hyped by many Cebuanos because of it’s popularity in other branches particularly in Manila. They offer high quality Milk Teas flavor and the taste justify the expectation of an avid Milk tea fan,

    Location is in the middle of the working population which is great, though the ambiance is just a little to bright (for me) which in indicates an active feel which is more for of louder meeting place than a relaxing one. Presentation is good and clean. Preparation and order does not seem rush though.

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    3. Moonleaftea – This cozy milk tea shop has a very unique distinction when it comes to taste, though their choices are not that much, but they really know how to capture the flavor and taste of their drinks. Yes, it is a good milk tea to enjoy.

    The Milk tea shop is near the school so most of the customers are students and it is nice to see the serene environment where they can just study and read their books and a little chat while enjoying the drink which does not attract much attention which personally is an essential factor if you want a quiet and serene environment to enjoy your drink.

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    2. Sprockets Milk Tea – This is one of my favorite , not only that their milk tea is good, they have a lot of varieties food dishes to choose from. The taste of their milk tea is also top notched, not to mention their spacious place and the well decorated interiors ( lomo wall).

    The place is also a good place to relax with well placed seats and tables and also a good place to chat and even business meetings, customers are combined students and professionals so it is more all around spot to visit.

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    1. Bon Appetea – If you want to enjoy a full milk tea experience, then I recommend it due to its taste and flavor of a great milk tea. The list of flavors in their menu is just right to accommodate every milk tea lovers needs. They have this distinct delicious taste that separates it from the rest. The place is cozy and more of a relaxing environment were you can enjoy your drink.

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    So that’s it, these are my choices, though some might not agree on me on this one, but this more of a preference and my personal point of view.It all boils down to your personal choice and taste as well. Since the coffee/ Milk tea shop is still continually growing , this might change or updated according to the latest trends. You can also use this as a guide and view other Milk tea reviews not included in this blog.

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