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  • Ersao Cebu JCenter

    It has been a long time since I reviewed a milk tea or any drinks/beverages in particular, and the thought that it will just go down the trend is an understatement. This Chinese New Year, a new Taiwanese restaurant here in Cebu (J Center Mall) has opened its doors to those who wants to taste the freshly brewed tea made from real leaves (that’s their slogan). So my expectations is a bit high on this one because we all know that Taiwan is the origin of the Milk Tea, by the way its name is “Ersao”

    Ersao Cebu JCenter

    So I went to this Tea shop or a mini restaurant Ersao Cebu JCenter because of their wide variety of menu choices, I expected it to be a pure tea shop because of their ads which mainly focused in their drinks. I was a bit confused of what drink to choose because of the variety so I asked about their specialty in their milk tea and she told me with high confidence that “Taro Milk Tea” is their best which I ordered.

    It was their opening day and expectedly the store is full (I came in as a regular customer), so I waited in the counter (standing) just looking at the place and its ambiance, fairly the place looks great, their theme color is green and the arrangement is neat.

    Surprisingly, they have a space outside the store (terraces type) which  where I indulge and tested or tasted their milk tea, they also have another counter outside which is meant maybe for smokers or just want to consume their drinks outside the store.

    Ersao Cebu JCenter

    Ersao Cebu JCenter

    I saw other dishes in their menu which is really a waste if I cannot taste some of them, so I ordered another dish which is their noodles and again, asked their specialty, she just smiled and just promptly answered their “Beef Genko Noodles” which I ordered.

    Their Taro Milk Tea is colored violet/purple which I think is a food coloring because taro are not naturally colored purple noh :), the taste is good, though I sense a different flavor in the drink, like a mint kind of taste, hope its not because of the coloring because its altering some of its natural flavor. It is still a good drink but not the best in my book, hope they can improve on this.

    Ersao Cebu JCenter

    The Beef Genji Noodles is the one the keeps my appetite alive, their small serving is like good for 2 persons and for 100 pesos it is good treat for noodle junkies out there. Their noodles is thick and the texture is just right in the mouth , their beef is also rightfully tender and the soup not too salty and it is just great. I almost forgot that I have a milk tea at my side.

    “My brother once told me that when I visit and Japanese or Taiwanese restaurant, always try their noodles or ramen”

    Guess he was right all along eh, so overall, it is still worth a visit, hope their milk tea will still improve or their other flavors will taste better than what I have here. Though I will still comeback to taste their green tea which is what I am fond of, while their Beef Genji Noodles is one of the best noodles/ramen and is a must try.

    Name: Ersao Taiwanese Restaurant
    Address: J. Center Mall, 3rd Floor , AS Fortuna Street, Brgy. Bakilid, Mandaue City

    ERSAO Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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