Braddex Batchoy & Steamed Rice Review

  • Braddex Batchoy & Steamed Rice

    I always wanted to review a carenderia (food stall) or streetfoods which are mostly the underated food establishments because of the less exposure especially in advertisements and social media. The fact that many of this small food establishments offer great food and not to mention affordable.

    One of the newest and trending food establishment here in Tisa, Labangon is the Braddex Batchoy and Steam rice. Tisa is well known for their “Siomai sa Tisa” which is liked by many people particularly by students and is selling a lot especially near school establishments.

    Braddex Batchoy & Steamed Rice

    Braddex Batchoy & Steamed Rice

    The establishment is just a small one but don’t let it fool you. Even as you see the entrance, you can already see people lining up. The ambiance is similar to a food establishment you see near schools and universities or a carenderia type. If you dine in, don’t expect it to be the most comfortable if you want an airconditioned establishment :D. For students or the nearby residents it is a normal food carenderia.

    Braddex Batchoy & Steamed Rice

    I tried their batchoy, steamed rice and siomai (I over ate XD) . Their order style is “Pay before you order”, you must pay first to the cashier inside then get the receipt of it and gave it to the food servers (I think that’s the term XD).


    Braddex Batchoy & Steamed Rice

    Service is fast as you will be immediately served with your orders and you will not wait for it to be cooked, which is actually great with all the lining up outside, it is justifiable. 😀

    Their batchoy is actually good, it contains the basic ingredients of a batchoy you will get from other establishments,. Their steam rice is also very good in which they capture the flavor of those popular dimsum resto. Their siomai is the well known siomai sa Tisa which is also one of their best sellers.

    Aside from these delicious food choices the price of these dishes are also very affordable .

    Steamed Rice – 25 pesos

    Batchoy – 20 pesos

    Siomai (sa Tisa) (Quail Egg)- 5 pesos/pc 

    Overall, it is a great dining experience, perfect for those who want to try something new in terms of small stall food trip here in Cebu and preferably one of the rising food streets in Labangon Tisa.

    Braddex Batchoy & Steamed Rice

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  1. Karen magnaye | May 29, 2014 at 3:37 am | Reply

    sir, magkano po franchise fee sa braddex?

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