Castle Peak Hotel’s “The Dining Room” Buffet Treat

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    Cebu Castle Peak Hotel offers its latest offering for those who like Filipino dishes. Their newly launched hotel resto “The Dining Room” offers their first ever buffet dining open to all customers for just 349 per head which is available both lunch and dinner. From the appearance of their resto, the place looks neat and the lights are dim lighted which stated in pyschology that low light places lower your appetite. 🙂

    Castle Peak Hotel Fiesta sa Sugbo Buffet Dinner

    Since it is a hotel restaurant, you can expect checkin customers from the hotel so don’t expect that it will be the most formal setting, but most are well groomed in their dining tables. Their buffet table dishes are well placed and spacious enough for customers not to bump shoulders while getting their food.

    For their food choices, it is definitely Filipino food all around, you can see Kalderetang Kambing (Stewed goat), Pancit Bam-i, Monggo, etc. They also have desserts like puto, kutsinta, mango and they also have ice cream!.

    For the food review, it is actually good. Not that salty compared to other Filipino dish which is great. The taste is just right and captures the Filipino flavor , I personally liked their Ginisang Monggo or Mung Bean Soup which is similar to what my mother makes. 🙂

    They mentioned that their specialty dish in the buffet is the Lechon belly is composed of spicy and non spicy. The taste is quite good I have to ask their supplier but they have no idea about it. Anyways, I indulge more in their Kalderetang kambing or stewed goat which is rare to find in any restaurants and also not that cheap.


    Also another great thing is that I don’t feel any weird stomach ramblings after the buffet which is mainly caused by too much eating or too much conservatives or other harmful ingredients int the food which is mostly important.

    Overall, the dining experience is great, they captured the Filipino tongue in me and for their new buffet offerings, they did a great job. A definitely recommended place to dine in.

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