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    One of the most popular restaurant in Davao is finally here in Cebu, the Penong’s Restaurant Cebu, joining the array of grilled food restaurants here in the Queen City in the South. Their popularity even reach here and is one of the awaited restaurant to open here. Finally, I had the chance to visit the place myself which is located along Escario Street. You cannot miss the place as it is along the road with their huge logo sign.

    Penong's Restaurant Cebu

    So as we arrived there, since it is still a newly opened restaurant, many people are dining in and we are lining up for our table (we were given priority number), fortunately many were finished dining so it didn’t took that long to wait (at least they prepared extra seats outside XD).


    Penong's Restaurant Cebu

    Environment / Ambiance

    Actually the place looks great and spacious, it is an open door type of restaurant so you can see from the outside (street) the customers who are dining and you can tell if it is full of customers or not. The temperature really depends on the climate outside, luckily it was not that humid and dusty as their are many motorist passing by. There is also a spacious parking space at the back so no worries if you will bring your own vehicle.

    Penong's Restaurant Cebu

    Penong Express

    Penong’s Restaurant Cebu

    Food / Taste / Flavor

    I was a bit passive at that time before the actual food review, as I was looking at their menu, it was a cliche menu choices as seen by other restos, as usual, I asked the waiter about their specialty or best seller, and he recommends us the grilled chicken with unlimited rice so we ordered that. We also added another dish, I opted to choose their Penong express (eye catching name) and their pork sisig.

    The thought that it is just another grilled food is an understatement, actually their grilled chicken is great and flavourful, you can tell that it is marinated properly because it you can taste it in every part and it is grilled just right not over grilled. I think they have a secret ingredient to their recipe 😀

    Their Penong express (Pinakbet in general) is also good, similar to bicol express it is a spicy dish and it blends just right in the vegetables (eggplant, beans and ampalaya,etc), not too salty and the serving size is big which is good. 😀

    The sisig is a bit dry when it was served (it was the last served dish in our table), it can be a bit better when it is still freshly cooked with all those smoke and grilling sound right off the kitchen fire. Nevertheless it is still good ( a little egg would probably help).

    Penong's Restaurant Cebu

    Customer Service

    This is an interesting part, hopefully it is an isolated incident or maybe, they are still new, but really, they have to improve on this one! ,their employees need to be a bit more prompt and look at their customers especially to their rice servers (not sure if that’s the right term) in serving unlimited rice, he seems to avoid eye contact with customers especially those who wants another rice. Though their are times they will serve even if we are not finished yet, but still, they must have a pattern or sort in roaming around the tables in serving. Food serving time is still a bit slow which can be negligible (for now) because they are still new.


    Despite of few shortcomings (Service), it is still a good dining treat, their grilled food is tasty and flavourful as they claim to be , price is just right. Venue is accessible and it is a still good place to try and see and taste it for yourself. 🙂

    Penong's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. How sad and not worthy to ignor if your whole Family eaten Cigarette Butt from food we buy this restaurant in Cebu?

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