Rex’s Kandingan Sa Cebu SRP (South Reclamation Project) Review

  • Rex's Kandingan Sa Cebu

    I went here with a quick lunch with my officemates, I have been passing by to “Kandingan sa SRP” many times when going to my brother’s place. Anyways, I got the chance to taste their food especially the “Kanding” or Goat meat.

    Rex's Kandingan Sa Cebu

    The place is a big one, it is an outdoor type of restaurant, where you will be to see the place along the SRP road. I think it is owned by Living Word because it is near in its place and church. As we went inside, the music tuned are all Christian songs and their staff are wearing t-shirts with Bible verses and quotes.

    Rex's Kandingan Sa Cebu

    There are many customers when we came in, almost all the tables are full and still moer were coming. Anyways, the food variety is just right to satisfy your dining needs. I ordered of course their Kanding / Goat kaldereta or stew.

    Rex's Kandingan Sa Cebu

    Also ordered their paklay which is I think common in many carenderias/food stall, it is considered to be an exotic food for some. What I like is that they serve not only rice but also corn grits which is very rarely served in restaurants or carenderias here in Cebu.

    Rex's Kandingan Sa Cebu

    Rex’s Kandingan Sa Cebu

    The food taste good but not that special. Their kaldereta kanding has that sweetness taste and neutralizes the meat taste and seems like your munching sweet sour beef or chicken. Serving is very small for that price maybe I was still thinking about it while eating noh.. 😀

    Their paklay is just similar to what I eat at carenderias in public market or near schools, only cheaper in price. Nothing really to say something different.


    Rex's Kandingan Sa Cebu

    Overall, it is good experience if you haven’t eaten kanding or goat meat yet, not really for an everyday dining. Price is expensive for its class and food serving is small. Maybe one of those overrated restaurants around.



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