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    Serenitea Cebu IT Park – I’ve seen this Milk Tea shop featured a local television. They are the pioneer milk tea shops in the country and their story started in just a small branch which started to grow very much faster than a wild fire. Now, they are putting their first branch here in Cebu right in the middle of the Cebu IT Park ,in the Calyx Centre Condominium (ground floor), across “The Walk”.

    Personally I am very interested to try out their popular milk tea, despite the already growing milk tea industry here in Cebu. I got a feeling that this is gonna be different from the other Milk Teas I have tried so far. Their opening in Cebu is quite silent, I just found out their branch opening through FB checkin location, they don’t even have a FB page for Cebu. It seems that they are that confident about their reputation and all that spreading the news will just be a matter of customer feedback and influence. who knows.

    Anyways, I ordered their Milk Tea drinks and as usual in the past review, I asked them about their specialty/best seller. They recommended their Okinawa (best seller) and Hokkaido (2nd best).

    Serenitea Cebu IT Park

    Serenitea Cebu IT Park

    They also have this “Customize your Tea” part which will guide you in what drinks to choose

    Their Tea Selection composed of
    Best seller (our order)
    Caffeine Free (yes, they also serve coffee)
    Child Friendly
    No Sinkers (toppings)

    Sugar level composed of

    Sinker Choices | Price
    Aloe vera – 15
    black bricks – 15
    black diamond – 15
    crystals – 15
    egg puding – 15
    green tea jelly – 15
    Panna cotta – 15
    pearl – 15
    red bean – 15
    frost -15

    Serenitea Cebu IT ParkThis is really good stuff as it will make the customer life’s easier in choosing their drinks.


    The location is an open space, I think it is still a soft opening as their tables/chairs are still outside and there is an ongoing construction in the area. seats are well decorated and just right for a drink, their walls are also decorated with picture frames of quotes and images.


    Drinks are immediately served as you order which is great. Their Milk Tea plastic glass looks pretty neat and the one that stands out from the rest is their sticker in which in contains the product no#, type (dine-in or takeout), name(nick), drink flavor, sugar level, time (of serve), price, and their website which is unique and cleaner rather than writing using a marker. I even forgot that they got my name spelling wrong 😀

    Price is also affordable with drinks price ranges from 70+ pesos to 115 pesos (large hokkaido/okinawa drink is 115 pesos)

    Serenitea Cebu IT Park
    The tricky part for me here is the taste, My taste buds are still not fresh as I was coming from an event and with a full stomach and I will not be able to fully enjoy the drink, but then when I tried their Milk Tea with a little sip. I was astonished with the taste and flavour, it is really really good (yes, really2x). Their sinkers/toppings are also not the common sago (pearls) type but a real jelly form (we ordered green grass) blended together with the drink harmoniously.

    Serenitea Cebu IT Park
    It was a great Milk tea drinking experience, I expected their Milk tea drinks to be that good because of their reputation but they exceeded it with excellent taste. Maybe I should update my Top Milk Tea in Cebu choices and create an updated post. Serenitea really showed how milk tea are supposed to be done and they really proved it here in Cebu. It is a must try.



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