Julies Bakeshop Summer Surprise Empanada, Fruit Bread and Cupcakes

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    Julies Bakeshop introduced new products that will be coming out this summer season with their new breads and pastries. These are especially made this summer time to be enjoyed by customers not only in their taste but in their presentation as well.

    Rainbow Cupcake | Price: 75 pesos (Pack of 6 )

    These sweet little things come in four tropical flavors: pineapple, strawberry, buko pandan and ube or purple yam. All topped with colorful confetti.

    Julies Bakeshop Summer Surprise-13


    The cupcakes taste good, the icing is just right in terms of sweetness though the crust is just too soft but its not really a bad thing if just want to lesser texture for the bread itself.

    Julies Bakeshop Summer Surprise-3

    Fruit0filled breads | Price: 7 pesos

    Flower shaped breads with luscious fruit filling with choices of guava, mango and pineapple.

    Julies Bakeshop Summer Surprise-8

    I like the mango filled bread, you can actually taste the mango fillings itself in the middle of it and the bread has also the mango taste in it not only in the color. It is actually a heavy snack type of bread wherein it is best paired with a drink or ice cream (which we also tried :D), it is closer to be a meal type of bread.

    Julies Bakeshop Summer Surprise-9

    Yummy Yoyo | Price: 5 pesos

    Julie’s summer yoyos offer four varieties: orange, buko pandan, pineapple and strawberry, all with powdered sugar in between.

    If you tried the normal yoyo bread, the ube flavored with sugar sprinkles, then this is almost similar to that one except they are flavored and colored to have a more unique taste (not to mention presentation)

    For me, the flavor is quite bland, lacking sugar in the taste, I think, it is best that they retained the sugar in the summer yoyo.

    Julies Bakeshop Summer Surprise-10

    Available on second week of May:

    Empanada | Price: 8 pesos

    A delicious snack filled with flavorful chicken meat. Best eaten hot and paired with your favorite ice-cold beverage.

    This is my favorite of the Julies Summer surprise. At the price of only 8 pesos you can get a chicken empanada (usually priced more than 8 pesos in other stores). The taste is as also very good , you can actually taste the chicken filling in it unlike some empanadas that contains only veggies and other stuff.

    Julies Bakeshop Summer Surprise-11

    Rainbow cake | Price: 45 pesos

    a 6-inch round butter chiffon cake with festive layers of red, yellow and green hues and topped with sweet creamy whipped cream.


    Julies Bakeshop Summer Surprise-12

    Overall, it is good treat for both cupcake and bread lovers. Price is affordable and taste is of high quality and they already have proven themselves to be standard in the bakeshop scene.

    Fact: They already have their first branch outside Philippines located in Indonesia.

    Julies Bakeshop has been in Philippines baking industry for the longest time I have remembered, though many bakeshops are already in the scene, Julies continues to capture the taste of the masses with its affordable breads and pastries not to mention its accessibility and availability of their branches all over the country.

    These yummy delights are available at a Julie’s Bakeshop near you. For comments and suggestions, you may contact Julie’s Franchise Corporation at (032) 261 7117 to 19 or email at marketing.cebu@juliesbakeshop.com.ph.




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