Kuya J Restaurant Cebu Tasty Baked Scallops

  • Kuya J Restaurant Cebu Kuya J’s Delicious Baked Scallops[/caption]

    With so many park cars outside this restaurant along the road going to Ayala can mean two things, 1st the restaurant is still new and 2nd, they serve great food. I am more interested in the 2nd one, so this time, I got the chance to visit the Kuya J Restaurant Cebu

    First of all, the restaurant name is Kuya J ,don’t confuse it with Simply J’s (just near this resto), or Papa J’s (Comedy Bar along V. Rama Road).

    The place is just near Ayala Center Cebu so you can just actually walk it from there. The place inside is not really a spacious one, probably the parking lot is more spacious than the restaurant itself.

    Kuya J Restaurant Cebu

    Kuya J Restaurant Cebu

    Inside is a wooden theme setting, most of the tables, chairs, interiors are wood not only in materials but in color and lighting (the brownish dim type). So from the place itself you can already tell that this is a Filipino type of restaurant.

    Their menu consists of Filipino dishes, similar many restos here in Cebu. We chose to order their specialty which is Baked Scallops, which is really tough to distinguish because many already produced delicious bake scallop in various restos here in Cebu. Next is their Mixed Seafood Soup, Lechon Kawali and their Garlic Rice.

    Kuya J Restaurant Cebu

    First of is their Mixed Seafood Soup, I never actually expected to be this tasty but it is really good, I seldom ordered soup in a resto except for buffet which is included, from the sip of the soup you can tell the various flavors of seafood ingredients within it, though it is a bit hot and spicy which is good to neutralizes the seawater taste due to the ingredients. Hopefully they could have more physical seafood to munch it with, but that is the reason why that it is a soup eh πŸ˜€ ,I also liked their soup bowl design container.

    Kuya J Restaurant Cebu

    Next is their Lechon Kawali, serving size is small and mostly are fats and not the meat itself (mostly 2/3 of it are fats). Taste is good serve with their own gravy and a bit of atsal.

    Kuya J Restaurant Cebu

    Then their garlic rice, and they think we wouldn’t notice it but they are not lucky. The rice itself used is a low grade of rice, meaning it is not the best quality rice they are using in this one, hopefully, not all their rice dish are like this, just because it is cooked with garlic that we cannot notice that its grains is not whole and when you chew it, its like an uneven texture of dryness. Hopefully it is not the way it cooked but it is not the best cooked(garlic) rice I have tasted

    Kuya J Restaurant Cebu

    Lastly their baked scallops which I saved the best for last. Only one word I can say/write . “D.E.L.I.O.U.S”. Yes, it is the best as stated in their specialties, I can compare it or even a bit better than Hukads Baked Scallops or anywhere else. The taste and flavour blends well with the butter that produces that creamy taste and texture that is so good in you mouth :). Needless to write more about this dish but it is a must try. Before I forgot, they serve 10 scallops per order πŸ˜€

    Kuya J Restaurant Cebu

    Price is quite reasonable, maybe similar to those Filipino theme restos in the malls. Overall, it is a great dining experience (still thinking about the baked scallop :D). It is along the road so its quite accessible if you don’t want or tired to go to malls for a quick dine in.

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