Lai Garden SM City Cebu Meals and Menu

  • Lai Garden Tea House SM City Cebu

    Lai Garden Tea House SM City Cebu

    This is going to be a quick review on Lai Garden Tea house located in SM city Cebu beside Sunburst. Since this is an unexpected food review, this is gonna be short and quick πŸ˜€
    A Chinese themed restaurant from the interiors to their ambiance, you can definitely tell that it is a Chinese resto, their menu is almost similar to Chowking but a bit lower quality. Most customers are groups of people or family visitors. They serve obviously Chinese dishes.

    Lai Garden Tea House SM City Cebu
    Since we are on a budget mode, we chose their value meals, in the menu picture, it seems they have lot to offer, again I remembered chowkings lauriat πŸ˜€ They also have other meals which I didn’t focus on. I just want to try their food and how good it is.

    Lai Garden Tea House SM City Cebu

    The first meal was the sweet and sour fish, with pancit, siomai, soup and a cupcake. The fish fillet with sweet & sour sauce is good not the best but a decent cooked one. Pancit guisado was a bit dry, maybe it is not freshly cooked noh. The siomai is also ok ,the weird thing is that I like their soup more, hmmm, maybe it is expected in a Chinese resto right?

    Overall, it is your ordinary dining experience, not really the best but enough to have a quick Chinese food treat, in fairness they have a lot of customers though they are in the higher age gap which is also good if you want a more serene dining experience πŸ™‚


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  1. πŸ˜€ It does look like the Lauriat, only made better! I’ve just started reading your blog and I like it. But I notice you don’t really post the prices. I’m curious how much the meals cost though.

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