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Kublai Khan Cebu has been around for a long time , but suddenly they rebrand their restaurant and now they are back in Cebu for a year now operating in their branch at Ayala Center Cebu Terraces.


The popular Cebu Mongolian restaurant still offers that unique food dish served in a bowl with various ingredients ranging from meat, vegetables and different sauce mixes then put in on fire for cooking.


The unique thing about this restaurant is that they just let you choose the ingredients to cook.


Ingredients like Vegetables, meat , fish , seafoods, rice, noodles , sauces and many more.

After that their chef will skillfully put all the ingredients on fire for it to cook and mixing all the ingredients with its flavor and put it in a single bowl. The food presentation might not be the best and can be questionable by new customers but I tell you, the flavour and taste is great no matter what ingredients you put into it.


Company Information:

Kublai Khan Cebu

The great Mongol Emperor KUBLAI KHAN Cebu passion for feasting is legendary KUBLAI KHAN’s Mongolian Eat-All-You-Can celebrates this and offeres Cebuanos a daily spread of Mongolian grill cuisine.
Kublai Khan Cebu started its operations on March 3, 1999. Owned by a group of young entrepreneurs saw, that for a restaurant to succeed in Cebu’s difficult and highly selective market, it had to have three key components:


The value for money experience
Quality Food
Great Service

Thus, the restaurant’s appeal to the Cebuano was its fresh ingredients, the peso-value from a more than satisfactory meal and the highest quality of service available in a fast food environment. The formula proved to be a success. The unique concept and tasty cuisine charmed the palates fo Cebuanos and was warmly embraced.


In only siz months, a second restaurant opened its doors to meet the growing demand of the Cebu Market. Kublai Khan Cebu Ayala branch has been serving the public for the last eleven years. Kublai Khan Cebu Eat-all-you-can restaurant is currently operating at the Terraces, Ayala Center, Cebu.

With its success, and the owners confidence in the viability of the restaurant’s concept, the natural course for growth is to franchise. Soon, Kublai Khans will expand in all key cities in the Philippines.


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