Rodeo Grill Cebu Food Review

  • Rodeo Grill Cebu Geronimos sizzling pochero – 199 pesos[/caption]

    I came to visit this small restaurant due to its active promotion through online  especially in FB. It actually worked since I got to experience their food. Located in a seemingly inner part of a large lot beside Elizabeth Mall Cebu, Rodeo Grill Cebu is one of the new grill establishment right in the center of the Queen of the South.

    Rodeo Grill Cebu

    Rodeo Grill Cebu

    As stated in its name, they offer mostly grilled dishes and purely meat choices. They have only few food choices and barely a single themed setup. The exterior of the store is somewhat like a small wooden cabin located in the spacious vacant lot, the surroundings are not yet landscaped but great for those who want a good parking space.

    Rodeo Grill Cebu

    Rodeo Grill Lechon de Cebu – 149 pesos

    The interior is theme like the western cowboy like. With the wooden tables and chairs just like a cowboy tavern , the waiters/waitresses wear a striped polo as uniform similar to a cowboy or a country singer 🙂 Place is small, cozy and clean. Inside is an airconditioned part and they also have tables outside which I don’t recommend because it is hot except when their are no vacant tables inside.

    Rodeo Grill Cebu

    Paolo’s Porky Pistols – 99 pesos

    Rodeo Grill Cebu

    We ordered one of their specialty, their Cowboy Meals which includes the Rodeo Grill Cebu Lechon de Cebu price at 149 pesos. It is a complete meal with Cebu lechon and rice. The taste is good and the lechon is a typical Cebu lechon flavour which is great.

    Rodeo Grill Cebu

    Rodeo Grill Menu (Front)

    Next is their Paolo’s Porky Pistols priced at 99 pesos, it is a two barbeque meal with rice, it is actually affordable for a meal with two big sized barbeque meat. It is tasty and rightfully cooked to its texture.

    Rodeo Grill Cebu

    Rodeo Grill Menu (Back)

    Next their all time favorite, the Geronimos sizzling pochero. One of the best sizzling pochero I have tasted (tried it before at Manggahan Cebu ) serving is ok and the gravy is really good. You can almost scraped the remaining gravy sauce in your spoon. The pochero meat is just right in the mouth and not too soft.

    Rodeo Grill Cebu

    Overall it is a gastro appetizing experience, price is just right for the common employee, I even see lots of students dining at Rodeo Grill Cebu, it is also a good place if you want to take your special someone here especially if both of you are into food and that’s exactly what I did 🙂

    Rodeo Grill

    Rodeo Grill Cebu

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