Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant Seaside Dining Experience

  • Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    Since their opening day, Lantaw restaurant has been popular to many Cebuano customers since they are located in unique locations each with their own theme and style and served with Filipino dishes while enjoying the scenery around it. Though is my first Lantaw dining experience in their new and third (3rd) branch which is located along the coast of SRP (South Reclamation Project),

    Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    First impression of the place is that what you see is what you get. Dining along side of the coastline is one a great experience since it is one of the first restaurants established in the SRP area. Though we came here during noon time and the sun is on top of our heads, it is not really recommended for those who want a cool environment for eating in this time of the day.

    Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant
    Setup is like a traditional Filipino hut made mostly of wooden materials. The chairs and tables are comfortable enough though there are those that are similar to a sofa like chairs inside the place. There are also tables and chairs outside for those who to go near the sea just like the beach side, good for those who want to have an alcoholic  drinks along the shoreline (Yes, they serve alcoholic drinks) but I recommend going their later in the afternoon.

    Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    I recommend you reserve before going there since there will be a lot of customers since they are still new and is a popular place for dining for groups of people.IMG_3609  Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    For the food, they serve mainly Filipino Filipino dishes, nothing really special or any specialty for that matter. Their menu looks sleek and can browse your intended order since they divided it into categories whether you go for meat, seafoods, drinks and other dishes.

    Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant  Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    Drinks are placed in an empty jar of a mayonaise or something like that, they could have a least filled the entire jar for the drinks.

    They also have thirsty Drinks, “Thirsty and Lantaw restaurant has the same owners/ stockholders?”

    Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    Not the best baked scallops honestly, the cheese and the ingredients are not properly blended and the texture is not that right. Serving size is also small for its prize. I recommend Kuya Js restaurant if you want tasty scallops.

    Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    Crispy Pata (Small – 335 pesos | Large – 425 pesos )


    Crispy Pata is good but the serving is not that big.  If you want Crispy Pata alternatives you check it here.

    Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    Pancit is just so-so and common, nothing spectacular, I can find a better Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    Kinilaw is great, fish is marinated properly and has a soft texture when you eat it.

    Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    Calamares is also ok, again serving is small (maybe its not for those who want a full stomach dining) Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant  Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    About there food service, its baaaad *goat sound* , yes it’s very bad, I’m not sure if it is because they are still new or just plain chaotic in terms of taking orders, serving, and even the billing is all wrong. It almost destroys the entire dining experience. They need to overhaul their service process (not improve) because they will get a lot of irate customers and this will spread like wildfire whether in the word of mouth or in social networks like this one >:D.

    Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

    Cebu Lantaw Restaurants contact numbers for reservation.

    Lantaw Cordova
    – 09273151695
    – 09998502707

    Lantaw Busay

    Lantaw SRP (South Reclamation Project)
    – 09433631862
    – 09275768772
    – 09086248711

    Lantaw Native Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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