Choi City Cebu Chinese Restaurant New Dishes and Catering Services

Choi City Cebu Chinese Restaurant

One of the popular Chinese restaurants here in Cebu is the Choi City Resto, where they offer their latest offerings for the loyal customers and now targeting to the younger generation of customers.

Popular dining spot for higher class individuals wherein they serve around these huge round tables with almost limitless food choices. With their traditional Chinese restaurant setup and service. You will surely feel at mainland China when eating here with your family and friends. Choi City Cebu Chinese Restaurant

Located in BTC ( Banilad Town Center), you will immediately spot the place along the Banilad road. They have conference rooms if you want to have a more private dining experience or if you have corporate meetings and the like. Choi City Cebu Chinese Restaurant

Their menu consists of mostly Chinese dishes, they serve the traditional dishes like Steam rice, siomai, dumplings, etc. They also have maki and sushi if you are in a mood for Japanese food.Choi City Cebu Chinese Restaurant

They have this steam rice which is not the common steam rice we see in many restaurants or food places here. It is known that the original way of cooking steam rices is to literally steam the rice itself with the ingredients and serve it.

They serve these here in Choi City Restaurant where it is divided into the white sauce and the original sauce, it doesn’t look like your ordinary dish but when you taste it, it’s really good and the flavours mixed well together. Choi City Cebu Chinese Restaurant

They also serve seafood dishes like the squid with bean sprouts.

Choi City Cebu Chinese Restaurant

One of my favorites is their pot dishes which is traditionally prepared based on the Hongkong popular pot dishes, this one in particular is the Hongkong Style Chicken pot, which is one of the best pot dishes I’ve tasted so far with its tasty chicken combined with spices that will surely fill your stomach with satisfaction.Choi City Cebu Chinese Restaurant

The popular buttered pork is a must try when you dine here, they are well prepared by the skillfull cooks and chefs and just get what you deserved which is a high quality chinese food.Choi City Cebu Chinese Restaurant

One of their featured dish is their Lapu-lapu fish meal, though the serving is kinda small, it is still worth it due to its delicious taste and even its sauce is enough to ask for more rice in your table 🙂Choi City Cebu Chinese Restaurant

Their service is also the best in terms of taking taking orders which is prompt and fast and will really serve the food themselves which is a very good practice for a high class restaurant.Choi City Cebu Chinese Restaurant   Choi City Cebu Chinese Restaurant


Aside from their restaurant setup, Choi City restaurant now offers catering services within Cebu.

They have different Catering sets according to the budget. Their Buffet Catering starts at P300 per person to P558 per person. You have the option to choose your food according to their lists.

Choi City Cebu Chinese Restaurant

They also have party packages for different occasions, Their services include but not limited to Tables and chairs with elegant covers, complete set of appropriate glassware, cutleries and linens, classy centerpieces and a bar setup.

They have no corkage fees for Lechon. Unless previously agreed upon, all packages are subject to change without prior notice.


Choi City
South Arcade Banilad Town Centre Banilad Cebu City
Telephone: (032)239-0800 / (032)239-0999
Email add:

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