Coffee Prince Cafe Cebu | Not your Peaceful Hangout Place

Coffee Prince Cafe Cebu

New Cafe shop along the Jones Road across Cebu Doctors University, the Coffee Prince Cafe Cebu is your lively place to hangout with your friends.  If you want a quite place to enjoy your drink than find another cafe, for this is one is more crowded than other cafes.Coffee Prince Cafe Cebu

Their cubicle like station is more open and you can almost see everyone in the place in one glance. This place is a bit more public and you can almost here anyone across the floor. Not sure if this is their setup but it generally is crowded from the view.   Coffee Prince Cafe Cebu

Though the place is styled artistically and eye catching for the 1st timers. It seems originally a house before converted to a cafe shop which explains the position of the cubicle places. Coffee Prince Cafe Cebu

They got lots of drink choices to choose from, again, don’t be surprised by the higher price of drinks than usual because you are also paying for the place, the cubicles, the wifi, etc. Coffee Prince Cafe Cebu

One purpose going to Cafe Shops is to meet friends and share a warm/cold drink and catch up with any conversations under the sun and second is to find isolation and just relax with reading a book, do school work or just watch a movie or two. You can only do one thing here and it’s to drink and just talk aloud.Coffee Prince Cafe Cebu

Students will mostly enjoy the place since they can see everyone around them. The atmosphere is more like a classroom than a cafe added to the loud music in their speakers.Coffee Prince Cafe Cebu

Their drinks are ok and service is prompt with their people visible standing by to take your order. Coffee Prince Cafe Cebu

If you want to stay in a cafe to watch movie or read a book then I recommend Cafe Maru or Cafe Talk.

If Coffee Prince Cafe Cebu Coffee Prince Cafe CebuOverall, a lively cafe in Cebu downtown, great with meetups with friends. Drinks are ok while service is great and staff are friendly.Not the perfect place to rest and watch movie.

Coffee Prince:
Address:0246 Capitol Site (Across Cebu Doctors Hospital)
6000 Cebu City
Coffee Prince Facebook Page

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