Julies’s Kape Now Available In Supermarkets and Sari-Sari Stores Near You

Julie's Kape
Do you remember the time when you eat at Julies Bakeshop with their bread and their signature coffee? Where you will get the whole glass and pour some hot water and just enjoy the coffee goodness right there on. Would it be nice if you can bring the Julie’s coffee right at home or at the office. Now you can do that because Julie’s Kape is now available in your favorite supermarkets and stores nationwide.

There is no better way to start your day than waking up to the smell of freshly baked breads from your favorite Julie’s Bakeshop. How about adding a warm cup of coffee mixed just right with cream and sugar to kick start your morning? Yes, you read it right! Julie’s Bakeshop not only gives you freshly baked breads all day, they have added instant 3-in-1 Julie’s Kape at all Julie’s Bakeshop outlets nationwide and at your favorite sari-sari stores for only Php 5.00 SRP!

Whether coffee goes with your usual breakfast routine or you’re craving for a mid-day caffeine fix, pop into your nearest sari-sari store or head on to your neighborhood Julie’s bakeshop for a warm-me-up anytime! Great served chilled too! Just add some ice and your iced Julie’s Kape is good to go!

Now you can enjoy your favorite breads with a warm (or cold) cup of Julie’s Kape at any of over 500 Julie’s Bakeshop outlets nationwide and your favorite sari-sari store any time of the day!

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