List of Restaurants in Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown

Mactan Newtown has it’s own food strip the “Mactan Alfresco” where people can enjoy great food with various choices from its restaurants.

Foodies are all invited to enjoy a taste of authentic Cebuano flavors and have festive holiday feast at Mactan Alfresco, an exciting new dining concept at the Mactan Newtown.

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown

Inspired by the popular Singaporean hawker center, Nactan Alfresco is a covered food strip designed to showcase authentic Cebuano cooking and cuisine.

With a 350 person seating capacity, crowds can enjoy delicious grilled items from stalis which will offer Filipino favorites like skewered chicken, fish, shrimp, Cebu’s famous chorizo and the freshest seafood. Among the features of Mactan Alfresco is the large oemmunal outdoor grill or ³hawan, which is the perfect way to cook Cebu’s bounty of land and sea.

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown

Guests can choose from an array of freshly cooked food choices “turo-turo” style or choose fresh meat and seafood and have have it cooked or “paluto” according to their preference. Each viand is partnered with “puso” or rice wrapped in triangular buri leaves which one eats with their bare hands.

Also available this December at Mactan Alfresco are the six lechon pits, where guests can soon experience lechon roasting on the premises and enjoy the freshest lechon!

Choobi Choobi

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown Choobi Choobi

Among the dining establishments already open are Choobi Choobi, whose specialty is its Shrimp in a Bag, one pound of fresh shrimp which comes with corn on the bob and sauce options like Butter Garlic, Cajun, Sauteed in Garlic and Spicy Gata which is already popular in Cebu City.

Guests can also order Chilean Mussels in a Bag, Singaporen Style Salted Egg Shrimp, seafood delicacies like Scampi Baby Lobster, Giant Bamboo Clams and Lobsterfish and other favorites from the ocean like Stuffed Grilled Squid and Big Eye Tuna Belly.

Other house specialties include Choobi Pata, Lola Pepang’s Fried Manok and even a Fried Herbed Spring Duck, a free range duck fried with secret herbs and spices.

Mama Linda Inato BBQ Haus

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown Mama Linda

Meanwhile, Mama Linda Inato BBQ Haus menu is full of sizzling dishes including Sizzling Gambas, Beef, Pork, Squid, Seafood and even Chicken Feet. They also have Crab ala King in Chili Sauce, Garlic Shrimp and Garlic Crab, Sweet & SpioE Sugpo, Steamed Lapu-Lapu and Crispy Pata.

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown mama linda

Manang Seyong

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown manang seyong

Also offering Filipino favorites is Manang Seyong, with Pochero, Sinuglaw (a delicious combination of grilled meat and ceviche), along with a variety of seafood, pork, beef and chicken dishes.

Orange Karenderia

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown orange karenderia

Fans of Orange Karenderia can also enjoy their delicious creations at Mactan Alfresco. Guests can enjoy the Betsy’s Garlic Chicken, their crispy Tuna Buntot or Pork Barbecue.

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown

My favorite dish is the Betsy’s Garlic Chicken where the flavor is perfectly blend in the meat inside and the texture is great.

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown


Oyster Bay

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown oyster bay

Seafood lovers should definitely stop by Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant and relish their wide selection of live and fresh fish, crabs and lobster dishes. Among their best-sellers are the Halaan Soup and their Oysterbay Crab.

Their seafood is fresh and you can tell that it is cooked just right where you can still taste the sea flavor and it is healthy as well.

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown crab

For a taste of native Cebu chicken or “Nanok Bisaya”, homegrown Cebuano brand Conching’s is also opening at Mactan Alfresco.


Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown meximama

Mexican is also on the menu at Mactan Alfresco with Meximama, who oembines a casual dining experience with authentic Mexican flavors. Among their best-sellers are the Taco Camitas, the Costillas de Cerdo or Pork Ribs and for a sweet finish, their Churros con Chocolate.

Their tacos is just like the traditional Mexican dish, this is the perfect place if you are looking for Mexican food.

Ayers Lechon

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown ayers lechon

And what’s a trip to Cebu without lechon? Guests can try lechon belly, which comes in spicy and regular flavour from Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly or order from Cebu’s Ayer Lechon, who was named the Best Lecñon Maker in Cebu 2015.

Their lechon is great if it is still hot and fresh, so I advised to just dine in and eat that lechon.

Anna’s Lechon

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown annas lechon

Anna’s Lechon will also open soon in Mactan Alfresco giving guests the chance to try their lechon with its delectable crispy skin, and also try their delicious lechon paksiw and dinuguan, with pork cooked with spicy chilli garlic and vinegar.

The first time I’ve tried Anna’s lechon is that their Lechon skin is not that crispy but the overall lechon is good.

Muvanz Pocherohan

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown muvans pocherohan

Also opening in time for the holiday season is Muvanz Pocherohan and Seafoods. Diners definitely shouldn’t miss their Pochero (beef marrow stew), their rich Scallops (saltwater clam cooked with cream and butter) and sizzling squid.

Their pochero is a must try and again eat it while its still hot to enjoy the soup and the flavors.

Civet Coffee

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown civet

If you are looking for a coffee shop inside Mactan Newtown and just want to unwind after all that eating at Mactan Alfresco then you must visit Civet Coffee shop.

Coffee lovers can rejoice this Christmas as third wave coffee shop Civet Coffee opens at Two World Center in Mactan Newtown.

Civet Coffee assures guests a deliciously fresh cup coffee, masting beans three to four times a week to get that rich flavor and aroma and using charcoal roasting facilities to ensure that their are no chemicals. Their beans (Arabica, robusta, barako and civet) are sourced directly from farmers in Palawan, Batangas, Mindanao and Mt. Apo though guests can look forward to beans sourced internationally next year.

Mactan Alfresco Cebu Mactan Newtown coffee shop

Among the must-tries at Civet Coffee are their 30% Civet Coffee (P590), well-known to coffee aficianados for its rich and minty flavor and relaxing benefits, their espresso and the Dutch coffee or cold brew coffee, a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans which they described is like a wine coffee (but without the alcohol).

Come now to Civet Coffee and share a delightful cup of coffee with your family and friends this holiday season.

Mactan Alfresco is conveniently placed near the main entrance of Mactan Newtown, the country’s first “Live-Work-Play-Learn” lifestyle township with its own beachfront located in Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan. Megaworld has allocated P30-billion investment to develop the township in the next five to seven years.

Among the exciting features of Mactan Newtown is the development of its ll-hectare beachfront property which will contain boutique hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, a world class beach club, and residential clusters. There are 10 luxury residential towers on the pipeline, at least seven office towers, and five business and leisure hotels, including the 18-storey The Mactan Belmont Luxury Hotel and 18-storey Savoy Hotel Mactan Newtown.

Bringing to life the “Play” aspect of Mactan Newtown is the Plaza Magellan, a Megaworld Lifestyle Mall that will face the historical Mactan Shrine. Aside from housing the finest shopping, dining and entertainment choices, the planned three level retail and commercial hub will feature a Spanish galleon flanked by Spanish steps and arches – reminiscent of the Spanish era in the Philippines.

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