List of Recommended Cebu Restaurants to Visit during Sinulog

List of Recommended Cebu Restaurants to Visit during Sinulog

Sinulog is biggest event and festival in here Cebu, where people gathered around the streets to celebrate the blessed Sr. Sto. Nino. Weeks before the main parade, various activities and events will be held in Cebu and people of all ages will come to celebrate, from devotees, celebrities, politicians and even foreigners from other countries take part to experience the festival.

When it comes to food, Cebu almost or has it all when it comes to varieties and choices, whether it be Filipino food, Japanese food, Chinese food, Vietnamese food etc. During the Sinulog period, expect these restaurants to be full so better prepare or take reservations ahead.

I have gathered my recommended choices of restaurants when in Cebu for Sinulog.

Larsian Barbecue and Grill Station


This is no brainer as it is one of oldest and popular barbecue place here in Cebu. The location is also perfect if you want to be in the city and near the action during the parade day. You can find various barbecue stalls  you can choose from, though it can be confusing sometimes when people try to call you to order their barbeque, though I expect it will be lesser since they be full most of time during the period.

Their barbecue is good and place is spacious, it will be like a fiesta when you go there.  Just go in there early lunch or dinner to avoid the crowd during peak hours. If you are a foreigner or from outside Cebu then this a must visit if you want to try authentic Cebu barbecue.

Located in Fuente Circle beside Chonghua Hospital

Larsian Facebook Page :


STK ta Bai Cebu SuTuKil

List of Recommended Cebu Restaurants to Visit during Sinulog

If you are currently in the city and want to try SuTuKil (Sugba, Tuwa, Kilaw) then this is the nearest and recommended restaurant to dine in. Located in Orchid Street Capitol site. This is probably the nearest restaurant in the area to the Sinulog Parade area. There are a lot of food choices especially in seafoods, I recommend their baked scallops.

List of Recommended Cebu Restaurants to Visit during Sinulog

The classic interiors makes it unique especially if you are a tourist, you can see different stuffs from the historic times and the restaurant is more like house which feels like you are home.

List of Recommended Cebu Restaurants to Visit during Sinulog

List of Recommended Cebu Restaurants to Visit during Sinulog



Lantaw Restaurants

List of Recommended Cebu Restaurants to Visit during Sinulog

If you want a different setting maybe farther in the city and want to try authentic Filipino dishes and seafood with a view then Lantas Restaurants are highly recommended.

Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

Lantaw Busai

  • Located in the mountainous Busai where you will have the chance to view Cebu City from top of the restaurant and even your dining tables. Best to go there at night to see the beautiful lights of the city and its kinda romantic.

Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

Lantaw SRP

  • Located in SRP (Near SM Seaside) you have the sea view in an outdoor themed dining experience, similar to a beach side place but not in a beach, definitely accessible, though it is a bit further in the Sinulog Street parade, but it is definitely a worth it.

Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

Lantaw Cordova

The farthest lantaw restaurant from Cebu city, located in Cordova, Mactan Island , this is probably the most sea theme restaurant here in Cebu as it is located along the beach line, similar or close to a floating restaurant where you it’s like a vacation spot while dining.

Food is great and with the various view, this is a definitely must visit when you are in Cebu.

Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant

Lantaw SRP Cebu Restaurant




Yakski Barbecue


Another barbecue grill on the list, if you already have been to Larsian. Located in Capitol site, you will be very near during the Sinulog parade. Their barbecue is great especially their sauce. You must go there early since they are full most of the time.  Yakski Full review here




Ayers Lechon

One of the popular Lechon places in Cebu, they are also accessible as they have a lot of branches within malls and establishments.


Their lechon is quite good, though I prefer to take out because their lechon gets cold quickly when dining inside the malls and it affects the overall taste.


Aside from lechon they also have side dishes to compliment the lechon and your meal.


If you are in Cebu then this is one lechon place you should try. Full Review Here

Locations: SM City Cebu, Elizabeth Mall, Mactan Airport


Tatangs Crispy Lechon

Tatang lechons are popular in Cebu especially in concessionaires where they serve for employees and workers. They also have a restaurant located in Wilson Street lahug. I prefer ordering take outs because the place is not that spacious. But their lechon is tasty and has a true Cebuano lechon flavor


Aside from lechon they have other side dishes, I recommend their  pork kare-kare and sisig.IMG_5314

They also have lechon belly which is equally great, the skin is crispy and the meat is good. They also have a spicy variety.IMG_5296

Tatangs lechon Full Review



Choobi Choobi Restaurant

If you are looking for seafood especially shrimps then Choobi choobi is the restaurant for you, located in Parkmall and F. Cabahug St. (near Castle Peak and Sarossa Hotel). Great for family and group of friends, you can choose from a wide variety of seafood and Filipino dishes.


You must definitely try their bag of shrimps, it has different flavors or choices on how they will prepare your shrimps.choobi2x-parkmall-mandaue-cebu-6


Place is very spacious and clean ,so you will be delighted to bring your friends and families outside Cebu.


Choobi Choobi Full Review Here



Balamban Liempo

Probably the best tasting Liempo in Cebu is the Balamban Liempo, they have a number of branches here in Cebu in almost every corner. Though most of these are or take orders. They have a dine in branch in Mabolo and Escario.


They also have lechon manok if you are not fond of eat pork meat and a healthier alternative.


There are a lot of restaurants here in Cebu to look out for. But during Sinulog, you have to be in streets to celebrate and mostly find yourself eating the nearest or available restaurant and food establishments you can find. But if you want to have best time during the Sinulog festival better visit these food establishments to further satisfy your experience as well as your cravings and tummy 🙂












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