Cangs Lechon Cebu With Organic Spices

Cangs Lechon Cebu

There is no doubt that Cebu has the best lechon around the country and this is because it is well made from the preparation itself until it is served to the customers. There are already many lechon establishments here in Cebu and each of them offers their own style of Lechon and one of this is Cang’s Original Cebu Lechon.


Cangs Lechon Cebu

Cang’s Lechon has been in the Lechon business for a while now though not the known to many, they still serve very tasty lechon to their loyal customers. Most of their lechon are ordered by customers directly when there is an occasion. They don’t have a physical store yet like Cnt ro Zubuchon.    Cangs Lechon Cebu

They also have other lechon varieties like the boneless lechon belly and roaster chicken. You can also choose to order their spicy lechon. Cangs Lechon claimed that their lechon does not contain MSG or artificial flavoring or ingredient.

They used organic herbs and spices and put it inside the lechon which makes it more tasty and flavorful. I was able to try their lechon even though they didn’t include a sauce while serving it which indicates that they are confident in the taste even it has no sauce.

Cangs Lechon Cebu

I was also amaze how tasty the lechon was, I think it was the herbs and spices inside it that makes it tastes good, similar to Balamban Liempo.

The spices really help bring out the flavor in the Lechon as well as lessen the grease in it though it is still important to control your lechon intake. Though it is that good that you will surely eat more than you planned.

What I like is their spicy lechon because their level of spiciness is controlled and not the super duper hot compared to more popular lechon places.

Cangs Lechon Cebu

Though they are not still selling in the malls or market and accept through orders. I will not be surprised if they will be one of the main Lechon destinations here in Cebu.


The Original Cang’s Lechon
#7 Sanson Rd. Lahug Cebu City

Available orders
Spicy Hot Lechon
Lechon Stuffe with Chicken
Lechon Stuffed with Paella
Roast Beef or Chicken

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