Cebu Pipeline Bar and Billiards in Salinas Drive

Cebu Pipeline Bar

I remember when I was still in college where a small cozy bar called “Pipeline” is the place to be when you want to enjoy, hangout and have a drink with your friends, for 12 years, Pipeline is still kicking and it is the preferred destination by many here in Cebu, it is probably one of the oldest running Cebu bar and hangout place in Cebu. And now they are moving in Salinas drive (near Metrosports) where they still offer drinks and delicious food for its loyal and new customers. This time they are open for 24hours except Sundays.

Cebu Pipeline Bar Billiards

The Cebu Pipeline Salinas branch is much more spacious and cooler to hangout since it is an open space and tables are not very close to each other. They also have billiard pool if you prefer to play with your friends.

“It is called Pipeline, because the owner loves to go to the beach and surf and the barrel where the wave is hollow and where the surfers go inside resembles a pipeline”

Aside from their drinks they have a lot of food to offer for a bar, and they have a lot of choices which will keep you come back for more.

Cebu Pipeline Bar Sisig


One of their dish which is yet to be served to the public is their Crocodile sisig, inspired by the crocodile sisig in Palawan, they make it a way that it is more affordable and delicious as well, and we are not definitely not disapppointed since it is tasty and not too oily nor salty, in fact, you can never tell or see that it is a crocodile made dish.

Cebu Pipeline Bar Breaded cheese stick

Breaded Cheese Stick

Then we tried their Breaded Cheese Stick which is a great appetizer for any meals.

Cebu Pipeline Bar Pipeline WIngers

Pipeline WIngers

One of their best dishes is the Pipeline wingers which best paired with their drinks. The chicken is just cooked right and you can tell that the chicken is freshly cooked from the first bite and not from a frozen one.

Cebu Pipeline Bar Chucky Spicy Wings

Chucky’s Spicy Wings

If you prefer a spicy alternative, they have the Chucky’s Spicy Wings. The sauce spiciness is just right and best paired with beer 🙂 A great dish to spice things up. The taste is on par with other popular spicy chicken wings place here in Cebu.

Cebu Pipeline Bar Carbonara


Do you know that they also served Carbonara Pasta? it is not common to serve this kind of dish in a bar but they still do for those pasta lovers and want a heavy meal before drinking.

Cebu Pipeline Bar Spaghetti


Not only they served Carbonara but spaghetti as well! Heck if your celebrating your birthday in Pipeline, why not order their spaghetti which is taste equally great or better than most fastfood restaurants.

Cebu Pipeline Bar Pizza

Cebu Pipeline Bar Pizza

Cebu Pipeline Bar Pizza

Cebu Pipeline Bar Pizza

Cebu Pipeline Bar Pizza

21 Inch Pizza

In every bar around town serving drinks, it would not be complete they don’t have pizzas. They served different flavors like the Hawaiian, Italian Sausage and many more. They also serve this is 12 inch and a big 21 inch. Their pizzas tastes really great, the crust is soft and the toppings are fresh and well cooked.

Cebu Pipeline Bar Menu

Their drinks are also available which is for me affordable than the other mid to high end bars around Cebu. I mean if you just want a to relax and have a drink with your friends after a long day at work especially if you are near in IT Park then Pipeline is the perfect place fo you.

Cebu Pipeline Bar Drinks Menu

They have many other dishes to try as well. Aside from their dine in food and drinks. They also deliver their food and pizza right at your doorsteps, they also offer silog meals in the morning or daytime.

Cebu Pipeline Bar Beer Menu

Pipeline is still one of the most consistent bar restaurants here in Cebu and they are revamping their offerings that will cater both the loyal and new customers, their food and drinks are great and affordable, place is accessible and no other dramas, just sit, chill, drink and bond with your friends.

Cebu Pipeline Bar

Location: Salinas Drive Lahug (Near Metro Sports)

Pipeline Contact: 233-777

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