Third Degree Charred Cebu Bar and Grill Restaurant

Are you looking for new a restaurant free from the busy streets in the City or just want to hangout and dine aside from the usual mall restaurants? then Third Degree Charred Bar and Grill Cebu is the perfect place for you.
Third Degree Charred Cebu Pork Barbeque

The name Charred in Third Degree Charred Restaurant comes from the owners name Richard (Charred).

Third Degree Charred Cebu Bar

Located along Quano Avenue, Third Degree Charred Bar and Grill Restaurant is an outdoor dining place where you have the view outside the venue. They can accommodate up to 60 persons and accept exclusive usage of the place for events, parties etc.

Third Degree Charred Cebu Exterior

The place is cozy, since it is a semi outdoor type, it is perfect for chilling out with your drinking buddies as well as eating their delicious food. They have also plans in putting a small band in the corner to add a lively ambiance in the place.

Third Degree Charred Cebu Menu Prices

They have a lot choices in the menu, you can choose according to your preference.
For their food, they mainly serve Filipino with Chinese Fusion cuisine. Though most of the their dishes are grilled which you can see right in the venue itself.

Crispy Pata

The Crispy Pata is also well cooked from all sides, meat is tender, it is not that oily even though it is deep fried and just taste as good as other crispy patas.

Third Degree Charred Cebu Pork Sisig

Pork Sisig

If you are not into pork or chicken, then you can order their tunga panga which is fresh and tasty.

Third Degree Charred Cebu Tuna Panga

Tuna Panga

Next ,we tried their pork barbecue, you can tell that it is fresh and juicy from the fact that you can see the actual grilling itself. They are really delicious and recommended if you happen to visit in Third Degree Charred Cebu.

Third Degree Charred Cebu Beverages Drinks

3rd Degree Charred Cebu Beverages

They also serve alcoholic beverages which is good if you want to hangout with your friends and just have a good time.

Third Degree Charred Cebu Pochero

Pork Pochero

Aside from grilled and fried dishes they also have the Pork Pochero where you can just enjoy and sip the very tasty soup broiled with the pork bones and meat. Perfect for family and groups of friends who likes Filipino food.

Third Degree Charred Cebu Kinamatisang Kawali

Kinamatisan Kawali

Then their Kinamatisan Kawali which is my favorite of them all. The taste is similar to bicol express with more pork and tomatoes in it which is what I like.

Third Degree Charred Cebu Beef

Braised Beef

One their appetizers served is the Crispy Kangkong which is quite good to be honest. It’s not too oily and it’s just like eating a chicharon 🙂

Third Degree Charred Cebu Crispy Kangkong

Crispy kangkong

Overall, Cebu Third Degree Charred Grill and Bar is a great new place to hangout if you prefer to dine outside malls or the usual bar and grill restaurants. Aside from it is outside the busy traffic streets ,it is also a more private and quiet alternative place to bring your family an friends when you dine here in Cebu.

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