Nian Gao [Pressure Cooker Recipe] 椰糖年糕【简易版高压锅食谱】

Nian Gao, translated as Chinese New Year Cake is a kind of sweet sticky rice cake prepared from glutinous rice flour, sugar and water. Traditionally it is most popular eaten during Chinese New Year. It is considered good luck to eat Nian Gao during this festive season as Chinese believed eating Nian Gao has a symbolism of raising oneself taller, higher or wealthier in each coming year. 

I love Nian Gao, especially homemade, less sweet version. I usually make traditional Nian Gao at my parent’s house using slow cooker. Really SLOW as I need to steam the Nian Gao for 22 hours to get a nice brown colour. When nearing Chinese New Year, my day to day routine is scheduled with back to back baking. Therefore, I used pressure cooker to shorten the steaming time. 

I’m using Song Cho Electric Pressure Cooker SC-EP5. It’s ELECTRIC, means the pressure and cooking time were preset and taken care by the pressure cooker itself. So convenient and fuss-free. 

Song Cho Electric Pressure Cooker SC-EP5.
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Ingredients: yield 3 mini Nian Gao

200g Glutinous Rice Flour 糯米粉 200克

110g Brown Sugar 黄糖 110克

50g Gula Melaka/ Palm Sugar 椰糖 50克

285g Water 水 285克

Banana Leaves 香蕉叶 

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Method: 步骤

1. Blanch the banana leaves in hot water, pat dry with kitchen towel and line the ramekins. 

2.  Heat water and sugar till full dissolved, let it cool completely. Mix the syrup with glutinous rice flour, pour through a strainer. Pour the mixture into the lined ramekin, cover with aluminium foil, tied and place in Song Cho Electric Pressure Cooker inner pot. repeat for the rest.

3. Close the lid and ensure the pressure cooker is properly locked and balancing weight is properly placed. Press <CONGEE> function (default cooking time is 20 minutes after sufficient pressure is formed, increase pressure time to 40 minutes if preferred darker colour Nian Gao). 
按《CANCEL》,盖上锅盖,把盖子锁好,配重头戴正。按《CONGEE》 功能(默认烹煮时间在气压饱和后为20分钟。喜欢深颜色的年糕,可以把时间调至40分钟)。

4. When it is done, the control panel will indicate <bb> text and it goes into keep warm stage. Press <CANCEL> button and turn off the power. This step is important to ensure the pressure is released faster. When the indicator drop, it is ready.

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