Create a stir with plant-based, on-trend ingredients


As the number of consumers adding plant-forward products to their daily diets continues to grow, the need for consumer-preferred food, beverage and snack offerings that expertly blend nutrition with unrivaled taste and texture are also in high demand. This proactive approach to supporting their health means that consumers are consciously choosing to create healthier lifestyles that focus not just on the intrinsic nutritional value, but also the closer-to-nature origins of a food’s ingredients and processing. This leads to clean label solutions that are sustainably-sourced with the planet in mind. ADM understands this clean and wholesome trend and is at the forefront of innovation with the broadest portfolio of wholesome beans, pulses, ancient grains, and seeds from a single supplier. With our direct connection to growers, customers now have access to an array of vertically-integrated, high-quality plant-based ingredients they can incorporate into new or existing plant-forward applications.

Through proprietary market research, our team has confirmed that chickpea has a high recognition rate, with 61% of consumers being aware of the ingredient and 27% consuming it in their daily lives. With the largest selection of beans, pulses, ancient grains and seeds, our expansive portfolio is propelling innovation in the plant-forward movement to uncharted new territories. With each contributing consumer-preferred nutrition attributes, these ingredients also provide plant diversity along with multisensorial taste and texture experiences to a variety of on-trend food, beverage and snack applications. And consumers could not be more overjoyed, as research indicates that the majority claim that “health and nutrition” are the top attributes consumers associate with wholesome ingredients. So now is the perfect time to harness the power of plant-based ingredients in creating groundbreaking food, beverage, baking and snack solutions that will keep consumers coming back again and again.  

ADM’s mission is to unlock the power of nature to solve nutritional challenges of today and tomorrow. The goal is to not only enrich modern daily lives, but also satisfy the growing desire for plant-based solutions that not only taste great, but also provide nutrition consumers value. Benefit from the broadest on-trend portfolio of wholesome beans, pulses, ancient grains, and seeds that offer a neutral-tasting, clean profile—perfect for any plant-based offering. 

Solve a plethora of plant nutrition demands with our innovative team of culinary, taste and texture experts, cross-functional capabilities, full pantry of ingredients, and global supply chain to tackle your innovation challenges. Partner with ADM and harness the power of plants with the versatility of beans, pulses, seeds, and ancient grains to capitalize on this growing trend.  

Empower your brand by downloading our expertly crafted plant-based report. Inside you’ll uncover how our vertical integration and clean label processing can help you deliver delicious, on-trend products with superior taste, functionality and nutrition quality that consumers have grown to expect. Plus, discover eight of the key NutriStem™ wholesome ingredients that can help address the consumer trend of plant-forward eating today, tomorrow and beyond

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