Leftovers: Ed Sheeran gets tingly with Kraft Heinz; Honey Bunches of Oats crunches into chips

honey bunches chips granola

Leftovers is our look at a few of the product ideas popping up everywhere. Some are intriguing, some sound amazing and some are the kinds of ideas we would never dream of. We can’t write about everything that we get pitched, so here are some leftovers pulled from our inboxes.

Ed Sheeran gets Kraft Heinz’s sauces all tingly

Ed Sheeran wants to give everyone the tingles — but not with his voice.

The British singer who loves Heinz Ketchup so much he has a tattoo of the label on his arm teamed with Kraft Heinz to create a new condiment. It’s a hot sauce called Tingly Ted’s, and it will have a global launch this year. According to the press release announcing the launch, the name comes from Sheeran’s childhood nickname.

“I travel a lot, so having a bottle in my suitcase wherever I go that can spice up any and every meal seemed like a good idea,” Sheeran said in a release. “I knew I didn’t wanna do a watery hot sauce, as they usually all get relegated to the same shelf of other random hot sauces. I wanted to make a sauce that took the same pride of place as ketchup.”

Tingly Ted’s will come in two varieties: Tingly and Xtra Tingly. The sauces are made using red jalapenos and capiscum chillies.

These offerings represent Kraft Heinz’s first foray with its own brand into the bottled hot sauce category. (Kraft Heinz makes Taco Bell-branded CPG hot sauces.) And as the CPG giant is concentrating on finding new places to find growth, this is a good category to get into. According to Facts & Factors, the global hot sauce market is on track to surpass $4.9 million by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.9%.

It’s the newest collaboration between Sheeran and Kraft Heinz. While Sheeran’s tattoo was apparently a personal choice and not a marketing stunt, the CPG giant capitalized on the “Perfect” opportunity to partner with the pop icon. Special edition Ketchup bottles decorated like Sheeran’s tattoos sold at a London auction and were given to superfans in 2019, and there was a U.K. launch of “Heinz Tomato Edchup.” Sheeran also made a commercial for the brand in 2020.

The sauce appears to be launching first in Europe, Australia and New Zealand — where Sheeran is currently touring. In these areas, it can be pre-ordered online now. 

With star power behind the new brand launching in a hot category, it’s likely to appeal to many people — “Bad Habits” or not.

— Megan Poinski 

honey bunches chips granola

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Courtesy of Post Holdings

Post crunches into Honey Bunches of chips

Cereal brand Honey Bunches of Oats has made its way to snack time.

Post Holdings’ latest product, Honey Bunches of Oats Granola Chips, combines the taste of the breakfast staple with the crunchiness of chips. The brand said the granola-based product is designed for on-the-go snacking, as well as dipping in yogurt, nut butters and spreads. The snack comes in two flavors, Honey Roasted and Blueberry.

The offering is now available and can be found in the snack section of the grocery store, Post said.

It joins Fruity Pebbles Crisps and Ok Go! Cereal cups as cereal-inspired snack products in Post’s portfolio.

Several cereal brands have spun off their products into snack offerings, many of which specifically target millennials looking to tap into nostalgia for their youth. According to a 2017 survey from Mintel, 43% of consumers eat cereal as a snack.

General Mills launched snackable “Remix” versions of Cinnamon Toast Crunch — and a separate fiery hot snacking variety — and Golden Grahams in 2020. Kellogg debuted Jumbo Snax 12-ounce snack pouches based on several of its biggest cereals in 2020, including Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Corn Pops and Apple Jacks.

Brands leaning harder into snacking amid a volatile economic climate makes sense. A recent Mondelēz International survey found three-quarters of consumers said they are more concerned about rising prices of meals than snack products.

— Chris Casey

Rise & Puff

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Courtesy of Rise & Puff

Rise & Puff introduces better-for-you tortillas

After spending three years creating an authentic better-for-you tortilla, Rise & Puff has launched a line that does that magical thing homemade tortillas do when cooked: puff up. 

The thin, chewy tortillas contain only four ingredients: flour, water, sea salt and avocado oil. They have no added chemicals or preservatives. 

“Rise & Puff fills a tremendous gap in the tortilla market in the US, which is stuck in the 1950s in terms of nutritional profile,” co-founder Philip Summe said in a press release. “Pair that with the pandemic, which accelerated consumers’ desire to conveniently cook a fresh meal at home, and it’s time tortillas make a statement in the better-for-you aisle.” 

According to Maximize Market research, the global market for tortillas is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.8%, to be valued at $70.96 billion by 2029. Tortillas are a $2.12 billion market in the U.S., and 62.5% of food industry suppliers reported using tortillas in their operations, according to Tortilla Industry Association statistics reported by Commercial Baking.

Tortillas became increasingly popular when more people were cooking at home in the early days of the pandemic.

Tortillas and flatbreads are perceived as healthier than traditional breads, even though many can be high in calories, salt, fat and preservatives. As consumers examine labels and ingredients more closely, demand for healthier versions remains high.

Rise & Puff hopes to meet that demand. The company describes itself as “a mission driven company that creates outrageously good foods made from only premium clean ingredients.”

The Menlo Park, California-based company was founded by Summe and Mark Shaw, both of whose fathers died of heart disease. The company says it is “on a mission to make everyday, healthier eating more enjoyable and accessible.”

— Rose Palazzolo

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