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Welcome to “Food System Reimagined,” a podcast series that brings you valuable insight into our rapidly changing food system and what these changes could mean for your business. In this three-part series, we speak to food industry experts about how you can provide value in a food system that’s being reshaped by evolving consumer demands, sustainable planet-friendly initiatives, and more connected ecosystems. You’ll discover strategies to help you respond quickly to changing consumer demands, build sustainability into your value chain and leverage technology to create a more agile and resilient supply chain.

Check out the podcast episodes below.

  1. Ep. 1 How the Consumer is Transforming the Food System

Ep. 1

How the Consumer is Transforming the Food System

In the inaugural episode of this podcast series, we’ll discuss how changing consumer tastes, preferences, and behaviors are driving disruptions across the food industry. Our guests, Nigel Hughes, Kellogg Company’s SVP of Global Innovation and Research, and Rob Dongoski, Partner, Food, & Agribusiness Leader at Ernst & Young, share strategies to help you deliver key consumer priorities–from ethically sourced functional ingredients and shorter ingredient lists to clean labels.


  • Nigel Hughes, Kellogg Company’s SVP Global Innovation and Research and Development
  • Rob Dongoski, Partner, Food & Agribusiness Leader at Ernst and Young

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