A keto friendly, zero net carb source of premium C8 MCT


The main constituents of body fat in humans and animals, MCTs – medium chain triglycerides – are a unique type of fatty acids that can be found mainly in coconut oil.

MCTs are best digested in our intestine: they go directly from the gut to the liver to be used as an instant source of energy themselves or to be quickly converted into ketones, chemicals produced by our liver when breaking down fats.

Ketones provide the brain and muscles with fast and healthy energy, levelling it up without being stored as fat tissue in our body.

Due to their peculiar features, MTCs are ideal in ketogenic diets, weight management, sports nutrition, functional food, nutritional products, etc.

C8 MCT (also called caprylic acid) is usually considered a more premium source of MCT as ingested C8 turns almost instantly into ketones.

The main sources of C8 MCT are coconut, palm oil, butter and the milk of mammals. 

C8 leads to better physical performance, more mental clarity and more stable energy in just a few minutes.
Also, C8 is a powerful antibacterial that fights infections and can help to fight gut inflammation.

All these benefits are the reason why many keto brands prefer to use C8 MCT in their products.

MCT-CP8 Oil Powder: versatile, vegan, zero net carb

Since C8 MCT is a better source of MCT, many brands have launched C8 Oil and C8 Oil Powder. 

MCT-CP8 Oil Powder by the Taiwanese MCB is made from coconut sourced premium C8 MCT, micro-encapsulated with acacia gum to develop a vegan friendly, clean label and zero net carb C8 MCT Oil Powder. 

MCTs in oil powder form are very versatile. They can be used in many applications including:

MCB is a Taiwanese company and an oil powder expert with patented micro-encapsulation and spray drying technology.

MCB’ line of MCT Oil Powders have:

  1. Patented micro-encapsulation

  2. Long shelf life (two years)

  3. High stability

  4. Better absorption

MCT-CP8 Oil Powder is micro-encapsulated

MCB’s MCT-CP8 Oil Powder is micro-encapsulated, with many benefits to consumers.

Thanks to MCB’s patented micro-encapsulation technology, the active ingredients are protected from oxidation caused by the external environment to ensure product quality and longer shelf life. 

Also, micro-encapsulated MCT Oil Powder is well protected which can against the gastric acid and minimize the release of C8 in the stomach and at the same time, minimize the ‘keto flu’. 

The successful delivery of MCT-CP8 has a sustained release effect in the intestine to ensure it can be well-absorbed and transferred to ketones as a fast energy source with which the consumers can enjoy the keto lifestyle.

MCB’s MCT oil powders are distributed in North America by Faravelli Inc., the US branch of Faravelli, an Italian company and global distributor of ingredients and raw materials, founded in 1926.

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