i tried starbucks new olive oil infused coffee drinks and they werent at all what i was expecting

I Tried Starbucks’ New “Olive Oil–Infused” Coffee Drinks, And They Weren’t At All What I Was Expecting

The olive oil flavor was intense and after a few sips, I had remnants of oil on my lips, so that just tells you how infused the cold foam was. I wasn’t even able to…

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Leftovers: Halo Top pops into froyo treats; Takis takes out the spice with nacho cheese snacks

Leftovers is our look at a few of the product ideas popping up everywhere. Some are intriguing, some sound amazing and some are the kinds of ideas we would never dream of. We can’t write…


New FDA policy would let manufacturers use salt substitutes

Dive Brief: FDA is proposing a rule to allow manufacturers to use salt substitutes in items with standards of identity that include salt.  This rule would not require manufacturers to reformulate items, but would instead…


Momofuku Goods raises $17.5M

Dive Brief: Pantry essentials brand Momofuku Goods announced Monday that it raised $17.5 million in a Series A funding round, according to a press release. The funding was led by Siddhi Capital, a growth equity…


Tapioca starch sweetener gets GRAS status from the FDA

Dive Brief: Resistant dextrin derived from tapioca starch — which is a sweetener called FiberSmart made by Anderson Advanced Ingredients — received generally recognized as safe status from the FDA. This means the ingredient can…


Nestlé says less than 40% of its sales come from food and beverage offerings considered healthy

Dive Brief: Nestlé said 37% of its net sales, excluding pet care and specialized nutrition, come from products that are considered “healthy,” according to a widely used ranking platform known as the Health Star Rating system….


Biotechnology should be used to improve nutrition, sustainability and resiliency of food, Biden report says

Dive Brief: The Biden administration wants the country to use biotechnology to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability, create more nutritious and safer food, and protect food animals and plants from pests and environmental harm. These…


PepsiCo pledges to invest $216M into regenerative agriculture

Dive Brief: PepsiCo is pledging to invest $216 million into new regenerative agriculture projects that aim to cut three million metric tons of emissions by 2030. The company said it will help farmers transition to…

skinnypop, hershey

Best known for its iconic confections, Hershey hits its stride in salty snacks

As Kristen Riggs makes her way to her office at Hershey each day, she is reminded of the company’s storied roots in sweets: The street lamps have giant Hershey Kisses covering the light bulbs and…


White Claw enters premium vodka as sales for hard seltzer languish

Dive Brief: Hard seltzer brand White Claw is entering the spirits category with the launch of White Claw Premium Vodka, the company said in a statement.  White Claw is debuting vodka in four flavors —…

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