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Are you a business/franchise owner who handles/owns a restaurant?
Do you want your restaurant/food establishment to be reviewed (unbiased) and get featured in this blog?
Do you want to promote your newly opened restaurant/food establishment/branch?
Do you want to spread the word about your restaurant/establishment and increase your customers?
Do you want to know more about what your food establishment needs and get feedback from a bloggers perspective?

Then you are in the right track, in this new digital age, many establishments are promoting their product and services through online media like blogs, FB, twitter, etc. And who does that more than anyone else than the online social media junkies or in short “bloggers” (in this niche, Food Bloggers).

It is already proven that blogs really help spread the word of a certain establishment which includes restaurants about their foods and service and does it real time right from the moment they step into that establishment (checkin 4square, tweeting about it, foodstagraming, updating FB status with the location.. and many more, the word is already spread like wild fire.

If you want to get reviewed then don’t hesitate to contact me or send me an email, you can feature anything that will will entice and give justice to your dishes and also a good presentation is also recommended to have a great preview and shots to be posted in this blog and most importantly the taste and flavor in which I will give my straight to the point verdict which will both benefit your establishment and the readers which eventually will be your new customers.

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